Yachats, Oregon

The great trees cover the land.  The Pacific Ocean washes on the shore.  The sky is ever-present, sunny or cloudy, over the trees and the ocean.  The birds are everywhere: crows or seagulls. The people are like people everywhere, but also more friendly, more at home for anybody’s tricks or foibles.  Their politics are, as usual, a mess.  But they have been gay-friendly since the last century.  They have a Fourth of July parade, called the LaDeeDah, and they plan a year ahead what they as a group will represent: the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.  They have a flower show, which also takes a year or more to plan.  Its a place like anyplace, but only more so.  My wife and I have piece of land there, and hopefully we will build a house.  My friends Ben and Kathee live in Yachats.  That makes it home.  These are some photos and sketches from Yachats.



Douglas Fir






The Pacific

From the Christens' Living Room


View from Ben and Kathee's Living Room

From Ben and Kathee's Dining Room



Dining Room


Oregon Coast


Yachats from Ben's


Yachats and the Ocean


Yachats from Ben's Porch


The Oregon Coast


Ben and Kathee Happy


At Raindogs


Ben and Gus


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